Ecoflow River 2 Test and Review: what is this portable power station worth?

Ecoflow has been very popular in recent years and continues to expand its range of portable energy stations and solar generators with new models that promise ever greater efficiency and freedom. One of these latest devices is the Ecoflow River 2, an ultra-compact model, advertised as very powerful and equally practical.

We have put it to a full test and here is our feedback and objective opinion on this energy station.

Global presentation of the Ecoflow River 2

L’Ecoflow River 2 est une petite station électrique pouvant faire office de générateur, pensée pour offrir à ses utilisateurs, une source d’énergie autonome. Destinée à usage en outdoor, elle promet notamment aux campeurs et aux camping-caristes, une réserve d’énergie convenable, ainsi qu’une configuration lui permettant d’alimenter tout un réseau de petits appareils électroniques et électroménagers.

Global presentation of the Ecoflow River 2

Pesant tout juste 3,5 kg, l’Ecoflow River 2 s’embarque comme un petit sac grâce à sa poignée amovible et à ses dimensions très menues : 24,3 cm de long pour 21,5 cm de large et 14,5 cm de hauteur. Des spécificités qui en font une source d’énergie pratique, discrète et parfaitement adaptée à de petits usages hors du réseau d’électricité local.

To store energy and redistribute it, the Ecoflow River 2 has a variety of input and output connectors. Almost all of them are ergonomically arranged on the main face of the unit, which avoids the "spider's web" effect when several cables need to be connected at the same time.

Characteristics of the Ecoflow River 2 mini power plant

In order to better evaluate the real abilities of the EcoFlow River 2, we put to the test the different features announced on its technical sheet: power, number of outputs, charging modes and other additional features.

Small but powerful

Behind its very small appearance, the Ecoflow River 2 hides a state-of-the-art technology that allows it to support one or more equipments for a total output power of 300W on its 230V plug. It is even possible to push up to 600W in turbo mode (X-Boot).

Such a power allows it to power simultaneously several devices such as smartphones, PCs, video projectors, a small hairdryer or a mini-fridge. This is very practical for camping or caravanning without fear of being away from the conventional network for a few hours.

4 output ports to power all types of devices

With this ultra-compact power station, Ecoflow offers the possibility to benefit from electrical power everywhere, and proposes a connectivity adapted to the needs of all types of small appliances.

In particular, the River 2 has:

  • A 60W max USB-C port, ideal for charging the latest smartphones and some fast-charge PCs
  • A USB-A 2.5V/4A port;
  • A 230V 50Hz/60Hz AC outlet;
  • 12.6V 8A DC output, 100W max;

By relying on this solid configuration for its River 2, Ecoflow intends to satisfy many users. And we can say that it is the case. In a real-life situation, the diversity of connectors makes it possible to simultaneously charge/operate a whole range of devices, including some considered to be energy-hungry.

Mixed and ultra fast charging

Before the Ecoflow River can provide energy, it must store it. To do this, the manufacturer offers 4 main power modes that allow you to recharge, both on the mains and by other means when you are in the wild.

The input ports provided for this purpose make it clear. We have identified in particular:

  • A classic AC input (220-240V 50Hz/60Hz) to recharge the device directly from the mains;
  • An input for car (12V/24V, 8A, 100W Max) ideal to fill the energy on the road via the output of the cigarette lighter;
  • A solar input: (11-30V, 8A) which allows you to use a solar kit with a maximum power of 110W;
  • A USB-C input (5/9/12/15/20V, 3A, 60W Max).

Mains charging is, naturally enough, the fastest. In turbo mode (360W) it only takes about an hour to fill up. For the solar recharge, count about 3 hours. It's a pity that you can't combine the two modes to go even faster.

A comfortable autonomy and for a long time

With a capacity of 256Wh the battery of the Ecoflow River 2 offers a comfortable autonomy, which can be optimized thanks to a good energy management via the mobile app.

In addition, in order to guarantee optimal energy performance, Ecoflow has opted for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP4) batteries. These are long-life batteries that offer more than 3,000 recharge cycles before not being able to exceed 80% of full charge. This is equivalent to about 10 years of normal use of this portable power station.

We also really liked the advanced BMS protection included in the River 2 as well as the voltage, current and temperature control function. These options were designed to maximize the life of the LFP battery.

LED tracking display and mobile app

In addition to the above features, the EcoFlow River 2 also has a tracking screen to help you better appreciate the use of the energy station. This screen provides information on the precise level of energy remaining (between 0 and 100%) during use and charging.

For more detailed information and optimal monitoring, the manufacturer also offers a mobile application called EcoFlow. Once installed and the connection established (by Bluetooth or Wifi), you can follow in real time the operation and the rate of operation (speed of charge and discharge) of your energy station.

There is also a dedicated app that allows you to do the same to optimize the use of the River 2

Strengths and Weaknesses of the EcoFlow River 2

Let's now take a quick look at the strengths and limitations of this portable energy station.


  • Its power ;
  • Its versatility ;
  • Its very compact dimensions;
  • Its speed of recharging ;
  • Its long-lasting battery
  • Its wide range of connections ;
  • Its intelligent management mode (via the app);


  • The absence of wireless charging;
  • The absence of an anti-fall protection.

Our final opinion on the Ecoflow River 2

With the EcoFlow River 2, the young company confirms all the good things we thought about its energy stations. This model, in particular, is a true condensation of what we can expect from a device of this type. Its performance/price ratio is also particularly interesting. In motorhome, on the road, and even in relay at home, we recommend it.

Eddy Campbell

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