Avis Bluetti AC300 : le générateur électrique solaire modulaire qu’il vous faut ?

Dans la gamme des centrales électriques du fabricant Bluetti, la Bluetti AC300 est assez particulière. Il s’agit en effet d’une station modulaire. Une fois toutes ses unités combinées, elle promet une puissance et une autonomie confortables, ainsi qu’une large connectique. 

This electric energy station is intended for motorhome owners as well as for households looking for a back-up or emergency energy source. But is it really worth the few thousand euros required for its purchase?

Presentation of the Bluetti AC300 Power Station

The AC300 power station is a modular device. It is therefore composed ofa main unit andone or more external battery units B300 (up to 4).  

The portable solar generator is the brain of the whole. It weighs 20 kg for a footprint of 52×32 cm and a height of 35 cm. It carries the massive inverters, the charging circuits, the control screen, the ventilation grids and all the intelligent components.

As for the B300 units, they are smart batteries weighing 36.1 kg each with a footprint of 52×32 cm and 27 cm in height. It provides electrical energy storage, so the generator cannot operate without it. 

The modular construction of this power station allows the units to be transported separately . This is a positive point if you consider the weight of each of them. In addition, the transport of the units is made easier by the side handles molded into the casings.

On the other hand, this makes the system more cumbersome. However, this can be reduced if you have enough space to stack the units..

 The main connector elements are located on the AC300 unit, but there are also some on the B300. They are protected by a rubber plug.

Bluetti AC300 generator characteristics

In order to evaluate the performance of the Bluetti AC300, we looked at its main features.

Bluetti AC300 generator characteristics

Power at will

The AC300 unit is equipped with a pure sine wave inverter of 3000 W-6000 W. With such a power, the generator is able to supply most of the usual household appliances and electronics.

For example, you have:

  • 330 loads for a smartphone ;
  • 100 loads for a laptop;
  • 30 hours of power for a refrigerator.

However, we would have liked to have a lower RPI . This is the amount of energy the UPS uses to stay on. It is 64W and can reach 100W when the Bluetooth receiver is on. Over 24 hours, this is equivalent to using 1536 Wh (about half) of the battery capacity. This RPI therefore significantly reduces the autonomy of the B300.

The manufacturer would also benefit from reviewing theautomatic shutdown mechanism. Indeed, the generator turns off automatically only after 8 hours without use. After such a duration, it is 512 Wh, that is to say approximately 17 % of the battery capacity which is already used. This is a significant loss of energy. 

A shorter period is therefore desirable for this function to be fully useful.

Wide range of connections to meet all needs

In terms of connectivity, the AC300 offers 16 output ports:

  • 6 AC (direct current) 220V 20A (on the UK model) or 110V outlets;
  • 1 car port 24V 10A ;
  • 1 RV 12V 30A output;
  • 1 USB-C 100W port;
  • 2 USB-A 5V 2A ports;
  • 2 USB-A 18W fast charge ports;
  • 2 wireless Qi charging pads 15 W.

To control (enable and disable) these different ports, simply use the touch screen. 

In addition to these output ports, the B300 battery unit has 3 others:

  • 1 12V car port;
  • 1 USB-C 100W PD port;
  • 1 USB-A 18W fast charge port.

Their control is from a common switch on the front of the B300, so you can't enable/disable them from the AC300 unit.

Any amount of battery life

Each B300 external battery unit is made up of LiFePO4 cells that offer up to 3,500 charge cycles at 100%. With a basic rated capacity of 3074 Wh, this type of battery can therefore still offer a capacity of around 2500 Wh after 10 years of use! This means that it will serve you well for many years.

As mentioned above, the AC300 can be connected to up to 4 B300 batteries, giving a total charging capacity of 12296 Wh ! 

And that's not all! You can also connect 2 AC300 units together, adding 4 B300 batteries to the system. You will then go from 12 296 Wh to 24592 Wh !

Point intéressant, les smart batteries B300 peuvent fonctionner indépendamment de l’unité AC300. Vous pouvez donc vous en contenter si l’AC300 est en panne ou si vous disposez de peu d’espace. Cependant, elle reste limitée en matière de connectique et ne possède pas d’écran tactile.

Extendable autonomy for your Bluetti AC300

Pour recharger votre centrale électrique, vous avez le choix entre :

  • Solar panels (2 panels 350 W + 1 panel 200 W) ;
  • Domestic wall plugs;
  • A 24V/12V cigarette lighter.

These methods allow you to charge your device in 3-4 h, 5 h and 10/20 h respectively. Solar charging at 900 W is the fastest, followed by charging by wall socket. When you opt for solar panels, MPPT controllers optimize charging. 

Note that by connecting two B300 modules to your AC300 unit, you can use both solar and AC wall charging simultaneously.

The LCD screen and the application

The Bluetti AC300's touch screen is large, responsive, colorful with good brightness. However, while the main display provides important information about inputs and outputs, it does not show the remaining battery capacity.

There is also a menu with options for ventilation, MPPT controller voltage, B300 status, etc. As for Bluetti's mobile application, it connects to the generator via Bluetooth or Wifi. It offers fewer options than the LCD screen, but offers the essentials you may need.

Strengths and weaknesses of the device

The pluses

  • Its modular construction;
  • Its varied charging modes;
  • Its wide and varied connectivity;
  • Its powerful and advanced battery ;
  • Its intelligent control through the mobile app;
  • Its high power and expandable charging capacity.

The minuses

  • Its high IPCR ;
  • Its bulkiness ;
  • Its LCD screen is a bit limited.
  • Its price

Our final opinion on the Bluetti AC300

The scalability of the battery capacity is probably the biggest strength of the Bluetti AC300 home power station. With its many outputs and power, it can power all your devices for a long time. And thanks to the LiFePO4 technology, you can enjoy the same battery performance for about 10 years. This makes the Bluetti AC300 an excellent choice for powering your motorhome or home.

Eddy Campbell

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