Bluetti EB55 Test and Review: what is this energy station worth?

The Bluetti EB55 is an entry-level mobile power station marketed by PowerOak, the German giant of the sector. Characterized by its compact size and its integrated inverter, this model is the ideal ally for campers, as well as enthusiasts of all kinds of outdoor activities.

But what can we really expect from this equipment? Find out in this detailed review of the Bluetti EB55 power station.

Presentation of the Bluetti EB55

With a storage capacity of 537Wh, the Bluetti EB55 energy station also has a built-in 700W inverter. This allows it to keep the devices to which it is connected in working order, before taking over.

Speaking of devices to power, this power station is powerful enough to recharge and operate several everyday devices simultaneously: smartphones, laptops, mini-fridges, projectors, radios, drones, mobile speakers, etc.

Aesthetically, this portable power station has a minimalist design with its angular matte plastic case. It measures 27.8 cm long, 20 cm wide and 19.8 cm deep, with an overall weight of 7.5 kg. This makes it a compact and easy to carry device. A removable handle is provided to facilitate mobility.  

Most of the connections, as well as the monitoring screen with LED display are present on the main face of the device. Only a wireless charging station is placed on the upper side. Underneath the case, there are 4 rubber bases for optimal support. However, there are no drop protection devices.

Features of the Bluetti EB55 energy station

Let's now take a look at the main features of this power bank.

11 different output ports

As announced above, the Bluetti EB55's connector elements are arranged for easy access and use. And, good surprise, there are quite a lot of them for a power station of this size. Indeed, 11 different output ports are proposed to operate as many devices simultaneously. We count in particular:

  • 2 AC outputs of 220-240 V ;
  • 2 DC 12 V/10 A outputs in jack format;
  • 1 DC 12V/10A output for vehicle cigarette lighter;
  • 1 port USB de type C 100 W ;
  • 4 USB-A 5V/3A ports;
  • 1 wireless charging station 15 W

With the exception of the wireless charging station which is installed on the top of the unit, all other output ports are positioned on the main face of the station. This prevents the cables of different devices from getting tangled up.

4 different fast charging modes for more versatility

To quickly refill your battery when it's running low, the Bluetti EB55 offers you a choice of 4 different options, all equally convenient:

Bluetti EB55 4 different fast charging modes for more versatility
  • Mains charge via a 200W AC wall socket. Allow 3 to 3.5 hours for a full charge;
  • Recharge via 12V/24V car cigarette lighter. This charging mode requires about 6 hours for a 12V configuration. With a 24V module, 3 hours are enough;
  • Recharge via 200W solar panel. This ecological charging mode requires between 3 and 3 hours of half ;
  • Recharging with a gas generator. Here again, about 3 hours of recharging are necessary to fill up with energy.

The manufacturer also offers the possibility of combining two recharge modes (AC+ solar in particular) to speed up the process.

Power and autonomy

With its integrated 700W inverter, this portable electric power station is powerful enough to run and recharge several home appliances simultaneously. The key is to ensure that the cumulative power of said devices does not exceed 700W.

Concretely, this allows to simultaneously charge 4 smartphones with classic port-charge (USB-A), a smartphone or a recent laptop compatible with USB-C, a mini-fridge of 70 W, to operate a large nomadic speaker (80-100 W), as well as a TV without raising eyebrows. That's enough to fully enjoy a trip in a camper or an evening in the open air before a new recharge.

As for autonomy, the Bluetti is equipped with a 537 Wh LiFePO4 battery. The first thing to note on this point is the type of battery. This is a model with lithium iron phosphate cells, a technology that is more popular than traditional lead-acid batteries because of its low toxicity, high safety level and durability.

In practice, this type of battery offers a high number of recharge cycles (up to 2500 for this one) before losing performance. In other words, you can enjoy your Bluetti EB55 for a good ten years before its battery starts to fail.

LCD screen and economy mode

First information: the screen of this portable energy station is not touchable. In fact, it only serves two main purposes:

  • Tracking the battery charge level;
  • To know the rate of energy input and output in real time.

For the first function, the information provided is not as detailed as on a smartphone for example. The screen simply displays the level in 20% increments.

Note that the Bluetti EB55 also offers an eco mode which, when activated, ensures that the connection to the AC output is cut off after 4 hours of non-use.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Bluetti EB55

Like many other innovations, the Bluetti EB55 has a number of positive points as well as some less pleasant aspects.


  • Its discreet and practical design;
  • Its great versatility ;
  • Its long-lasting battery ;
  • Power output
  • Its eco mode ;
  • The possibility of combining AC and solar charging;


  • The lack of precision of the information on the level of load of its battery;
  • The noise of the integrated fan during the recharge on sector

Our final opinion on the BLUETTI EB55 portable energy station

At the end of this test, this portable power station confirmed the very good first impression we had regarding its very practical design and its very accessible price. In addition to its good power output, its great versatility is a major asset for all campers and motorhome owners looking for a reliable source of energy.

Like many other models from the same manufacturer, the Bluetti EB55 is therefore a good companion for stress-free outdoor activities.

Eddy Campbell

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