The reference about solar generator

A solar generator provides backup power for your home, camper or trailer, or allows you to work without direct access to electricity. 

If you are planning to use a solar generator as your power supply, make sure you learn how to choose the right one for your needs. That's what this site is all about.

What is a solar generator?

The solar generator, or a solar power generator, is a concentrate of technology to be able to store electricity in order to reuse it immediately or later. It therefore contains a system to charge the included battery, and a second system to use this energy. The most advanced models provide standard electrical outlets, but also USB and cigarette lighter ports. For high-end models, a wireless charging option is available for compatible phones and tablets.

In this case, it's a simple inverter?

Yes, and no !

The fabrication of a solar generator is possible by buying and connecting together the different components. You will then need an inverter, a battery, a MPPT charger, but also all the associated cabling. The advantage of the solar generator is to combine all these elements in one, while having a support and a guarantee provided by the manufacturer. It also allows a much easier installation: it's plug-and-play.

How to recharge a solar generator?

It is important to remember that a solar battery is limited in electrical capacity and that the recharging time is relatively long. Since it can store a certain amount of energy, recharging it using a USB port or a cigarette lighter charger does not allow to recharge it. Indeed, the recharge time would be counted in days, even months.

Recharge a solar generator anywhere with a solar panel
Recharge a solar generator anywhere with a solar panel

The only consistent methods for recharging a solar generator is therefore :

  • to use either one or more solar panels. This is the most commonly used off-grid method. It allows you to have access to electrical energy directly, from anywhere, by simply connecting your equipment to the solar generator.
  • or to connect the solar generator to the mains to benefit from the power supply. Here, it will serve as a (trans)portable battery to use your tools in a place where electricity is not readily available.