Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro review and test: what is this mobile home power station worth?

Renowned for its ecological, versatile and powerful devices, Bluetti offers a wide variety of solutions for both outdoor activities and home power. In the latter category, the Munich-based manufacturer offers emergency power stations such as the Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro tandem. Elegant, powerful and versatile, this home backup battery has, on paper, everything to please.

But what about in real life?

Presentation of the Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro mobile power station

Available in two versions, one of which is Pro, the Bluetti EP500 energy station is a very complete device. Autonomous and mobile, it can power a whole network of household or professional equipment. To do so, it has an optimal configuration and embeds several latest generation technologies.

From the outside, the Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro has a design that looks like a large central computer unit, with a refined finish (prestige white and matte black) that blends in perfectly with modern interior design.

These somewhat impressive measurements (50 cm long, 30 cm wide and 76 cm high for 76 kg on the scale) are not an obstacle to its mobility, which is ensured by the 4 wheels on which the case is mounted, as well as by the small handle that equips it. The device can thus be pulled easily, a little like a trolley case.

Presentation of the Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro mobile power station

Bluetti has thought of everything to simplify the accumulation and redistribution of power. All the main inputs and outputs are located on the front panel to facilitate connections. The top side hosts two wireless charging systems, a smart display and a DC output.

Bluetti EP500/EP500 pro battery backup features

Si cette station d’énergie mobile est présentée comme étant un équipement puissant, polyvalent et écologique, ceci est clairement lié à ses diverses caractéristiques. Les voici en bref :

Power output

As you can imagine from its dimensions, this Bluetti energy station has a nominal power of 2000 W (3000 W for the Pro version) which can reach 6000 W in overvoltage situations. With such a power, this backup battery can supply an entire apartment.

This confirms that this model is aimed at a wide audience: campers, motor home owners, but also households looking for a reliable and powerful relay power source.

12 current outputs

Thanks to its numerous connections, the Bluetti EP500/EP500 pro power station becomes a versatile power supply system for almost all common household appliances.

  • 1 x 30A aviation socket;
  • 1 x 10A cigarette lighter socket;
  • 2 DC outlets of 12V each;
  • 3 AC power outlets;
  • 2 USB-A ports of 36W each;
  • 2 USB-C ports of 100W each;
  • 2 wireless chargers of 15W each.
Bluetti EP500/EP500 pro battery backup features

So with its EP500/EP500 pro, Bluetti offers a multitude of charging or powering options.

To give you an idea of what's possible, we used this backup battery to power a geek's apartment with relatively large electrical needs. The device was able to support simultaneously:

  • A latest generation video game console;
  • 4 lamps ;
  • Christmas lights;
  • A fan ;
  • A small refrigerator ;
  • A small coffee machine ;
  • A 43 inches LED Smart TV;
  • A medium microwave for pizzas.

The experiment lasted about 6 hours, but it could have gone significantly longer if we hadn't overdone it with SONY's latest console.

In a typical home use, almost all devices can be supported without any difficulty.

Battery life, charging and performance

Under the hood, the Bluetti EP500 features a large 5100 Wh LiFePO4 battery and a pure sine wave AC inverter.

With such features, the station can power the house for one or even two days before discharging. In addition, the structure of its battery allows it to enjoy more than 6,000 cycles before a loss of performance.

As for its recharge, this energy station can accumulate via two options:

  • By connecting it to the mains via the 3,000 W AC input provided for this purpose (approximately 2.7 hours) ;
  • By connecting it to 2400W solar panels via another MPPT plug also designed for fast charging (about 3.3 hours).

Touch screen and remote control via remote control or app

The least we can say about the EP500 Pro is that it's a smart and scalable device. It can be controlled remotely with a remote control, but it can also be controlled with a smartphone via the Power Oak Bluetti app. From the mobile interface, you can monitor energy consumption, battery level, charging profiles, etc.

There's also a touch screen that gives you access to most of the device's practical features.

Integrated dual-core microcomputer

Another major advantage of the Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro is that it has built-in dual-core microcomputer firmware, which can be used to launch upgrades when connected to the Internet. 

A UPS system to take over

For home use, the Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro can be used as a direct relay, without interruption, in the event of a power cut. To do this, simply connect it to your home's power supply. The device's UPS mode keeps the lights on and other appliances running.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Bluetti EP500/EP500 pro

Let's now summarize the strengths and weaknesses of this mobile home power station.

Strengths of the EP500/EP500 pro

  • Its design;
  • Its mobility ;
  • Its power ;
  • Its solid autonomy ;
  • Its management system ;
  • Its speed of recharging ;
  • Its numerous connections ;
  • Its UPS system ;

Weaknesses of the Bluetti EP500/EP500 pro

  • Its price ;
  • Its weight ;
  • Its fan is a bit noisy ;

Our final opinion on the Bluetti EP500 pro home battery backup

Let's face it, this Bluetti power station delivers on its promises. Powerful, versatile, eco-friendly and durable, it offers the perfect solution for many needs and situations.

What's more, despite their weight, the Bluetti EP500 and its sister, the Bluetti EP500 Pro, are easy to move around and fit into any corner of a room. In addition, the quality of its battery and the configuration of its connections guarantee a long and safe use.

Nevertheless, it must be recognized that these home backup batteries require a fairly substantial investment.

Eddy Campbell

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