Review and test of the EcoFlow River 2 Max portable energy station 

Big sister of the River 2 from the same manufacturer, the EcoFlow River 2 Max is a portable power station designed to offer a mobile and reliable energy source. More powerful, but also more durable than its little sister, it promises great versatility in order to meet the needs of campers, motorhomes and other adventure enthusiasts, as well as domestic needs in addition.

But does it really live up to its promise? To find out, we put it to the test and we share our opinion on this device with you.

Presentation of the Ecoflow River 2 Max energy station

An intermediate model between the River 2 and the River 2 Pro, the EcoFlow River 2 Max is equipped with a new generation battery with the capacity and power to supply energy to a whole network of electronic and electrical devices of everyday life.

Quiet and non-polluting, this energy station is particularly noteworthy for its very compact dimensions: 27 cm long, 26 cm wide and 19.6 cm high for a weight of just 6 kg. It is thus a light device and easy to store. Its design also makes it easy to carry thanks to a cut-out that allows you to hold the device from above.

As for the finishing touches, EcoFlow has a sober and refined look, with a matte black and gray shell.

As for the practical aspect, EcoFlow River 2 Max embeds a modern connectivity system that simplifies the energy supply from the station, but also the recharging of the latter. All these ports are arranged on one side of the device, with detailed legends as to their exact roles.

EcoFlow River 2 Max portable power station features

If this station can boast of being a powerful, practical and highly versatile piece of equipment, it clearly owes it to these top features.

Power Output

Despite its rather modest dimensions, the EcoFlow River 2 Max is quite powerful, being able to deliver 500 W in normal situation, and up to 1,000 W in peak. It can therefore validly power 7 to 10 small appliances simultaneously. No need to unplug some devices before being able to power others, more energy-consuming daily.

EcoFlow River 2 Max portable power station features

Indeed, you should know that even devices that are moderately voracious in terms of electricity can run ideally on the River 2 Max, thanks to the X-Boost feature.

As an example, the EcoFlow River 2 Max can meet the daily electrical power needs of a van or motor home with judicious use.

In our performance tests, we used the energy station to simultaneously power/charge:

  • A mini-fridge;
  • A 5G router;                      
  • A macbook Pro ;
  • A Galaxy Tab S6 tablet;
  • A video projector;
  • A rechargeable flashlight.

In addition to all these devices, we also tested the use of a kettle on the device.

5 electrical power outlets

In order to play its role as a power bank, the EcoFlow River 2 Max offers advanced connectivity including 5 outputs:

  • One standard AC output (230 V ~ 50 Hz/60 Hz) ;
  • A DC 5521 output (12.6V, 3A, 36W Max) ;
  • One DC output (12.6V, 10A/3A/3A) ;
  • One USB Type-C port;
  • One USB type-A port.

Thanks to this wide connectivity, this power station is quite versatile.

Autonomy, performance and charging of the power station

As for all the other stations of last generation produced by the manufacturer, EcoFlow River 2 Max embarks Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LFP4). The goal is to offer future users optimal energy performance.

Specifically, it is a question of long life batteries offering the possibility of recharging more than 3 000 times the small power station before this last one does not manage any more to pass the bar of the 80 % of complete load.

Autonomy, performance and charging of the power station

This data represents about 10 years of normal use of the mini power station. On the other hand, when it is 100% recharged, the River 2max allows you to enjoy 512 Wh of autonomy for a period ranging from 2 to 3 hours in intense use. And to fully recharge its river 2 max, Ecoflow indicates 4 different modes of recharge:

  • Mains charging ;
  • Recharge via a cigarette lighter socket;
  • Recharging via photovoltaic panels;
  • Recharging via a USB-C input/output socket.

Finally, the River 2 Max has an interesting BMS protection feature as well as a system for monitoring the voltage, current and temperature of the station. These are features that we find very useful, as they help to optimize the life of the LFP battery over several years.

Mobile application for intelligent control

Like the other portable energy stations of this generation of EcoFlow, the River 2 can be monitored remotely with the manufacturer's in-house mobile app. Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, this application gives you access to information on the state of charge of the battery as well as those related to the rate of use or the speed of recharge.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the River 2 Max

Behind an equipment as effective as it is, there are always small shadows that deserve an optimization from the manufacturer. Let's zoom in on the pluses and minuses of the River 2 MAX.


  • Its mastered finish;
  • Its LiFePO4 battery;
  • Its power output ;
  • Its numerous outputs;
  • Its various modes of recharging.
  • Its fast switching system


  • Its sometimes noisy fan ;
  • The absence of a wireless charging unit;
  • Its lack of anti-fall protection.

Our final opinion on the River 2 Max Energy Station

In the end, Ecoflow stays true to its values regarding the quality of its products. The River 2 Max has a beautiful finish, more than convincing performances as well as many practical features.

It's a pity, however, that the manufacturer didn't think of a wireless charging system for recent smartphones. Moreover, for this type of device, an anti-drop protection would have been welcome.

 So our test ends with a very positive overall impression of this power station, which we recommend without hesitation.

Eddy Campbell

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