EcoFlow River 2 Pro Test and Review: What is the value of the portable power station?

EcoFlow has become a leading manufacturer of mobile energy stations in recent years. Appreciated especially for the power of its equipment, the brand never stops innovating to offer efficient, ecological and versatile products. One of its recent innovations is the River 2 Pro.

This is the most advanced version of a family of energy stations designed for anyone who wants a one-time power source. Presented as a powerful, practical and durable device, the River 2 Pro from EcoFlow seems to have many assets. We have been able to evaluate them and here are the performances hidden by the River 2 Pro.

Introducing the EcoFlow River 2 Pro

The EcoFlow River 2 Pro is a compact piece of equipment designed to provide backup power for outdoor activities such as camping. It can also be used in place of a power generator and can power many types of small devices. From smartphones to mini-fridges to PCs, the River 2 Pro is reliable.

Introducing the EcoFlow River 2 Pro

This portable power station weighs only 7.5 kg and has modest dimensions: 27 cm in length, 26 cm in width and 22.6 cm in height. It is therefore easy to carry and has a handle incorporated into its structure for this purpose. And to fully play its role of energy source, the EcoFlow River 2 pro embeds a set of common and easy-to-use connections.

The power inputs and outputs are all optimally arranged on the front of the station and are accompanied by a monitoring screen. Color-wise, as usual, the brand relies on gray and matte black for a futuristic and appealing appearance.

Features of the River 2 Pro

To evaluate the performance of this energy station, let's take a look at the main features of the River 2 Pro.

Power output

Even though EcoFlow designed the River 2 Pro to be very compact, the power station still has plenty of power to spare. Its power output is 800W and can reach peaks of 1600W thanks to the X-Boost technology. A power that allows the station to power several types of small appliances of common use and household appliances.

For camping enthusiasts, this equipment will be very effective for charging smartphones, PCs, lamps or even powering a small water heater.

8 electrical outlets

If the River 2 Pro can be used to power several types of devices, it is mainly thanks to its wide range of outlets. This mobile power station has:

  • 3 USB-A outputs of 12W max;
  • 1 USB-C output of 100W max;
  • 3 AC power outlets from 220 to 240V ; 
  • 1 DC type outlet of 36W max.

These are able to deliver power simultaneously, which is really useful. In our test, we had been able to appreciate the performance of this battery by plugging in:

  • An iPhone X ;
  • A water heater ;
  • A Galaxy Tab S6 ;
  • A hot plate ;
  • A Hp Probook 450 G3.

The energy station also managed to power some energy-hungry devices along with a few used on a daily basis. So the average backup power needs are perfectly met by the EcoFlow River 2 Pro, which can go even further.

4 fast charging modes

Of course, to be able to supply electricity, this mobile energy station must first of all be able to accumulate it. So that's where the input connectors come in, allowing the River 2 Pro to be charged in 4 different ways via:

  • A 220V solar input;
  • A USB-C input of 100W;
  • A cigarette lighter socket of 100W max;
  • AC input for mains charging.

The direct connection to the local grid is the fastest way to charge the batteries in only 70 minutes. If you opt for solar panels, you will need a little less than 5 hours for a full recharge.

Unfortunately this model does not allow you to combine these two charging modes to go faster.

4 fast charging modes for the EcoFlow River 2 Pro

A durable and quality battery

With its 768Wh battery capacity, the EcoFlow River 2 Pro offers its users a relatively comfortable autonomy for a simple backup source. In addition, the type of battery used is a LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) optimized for long life which offers the possibility of recharging and using the RIVER 2 Pro more than 3,000 times. This represents about 10 years of use of this electrical energy storage device.

Station management via the EcoFlow app

As with most of its external batteries, Ecoflow allows you to manage the use of this equipment via a dedicated application. This app allows you to display charge levels, customize various consumption options and even adapt charge speeds. The connection between the smartphone and the station is made via a simple Bluetooth or WiFi link.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the EcoFlow River 2 Pro

Here, in a few key points, are the main strengths and weaknesses of this mobile energy station.


  • Its light weight ;
  • Its modern design;
  • Its power ;
  • Its LFP battery ;
  • Its numerous power outlets.


  • Its not very aesthetic handle :
  • Its fan is a bit noisy ;
  • The absence of wireless charging;
  • The absence of an anti-fall protection.

Our final opinion on the EcoFlow River 2 Pro

At the end of this test, we essentially retain that the EcoFlow River 2 Pro is a compact, powerful, ecological and particularly practical piece of equipment. Whatever the intended use, the device is easy to handle, and the energy supplied is fast enough depending on the plugs used.

If you are looking for a reliable solution for mobile energy, this is an option to seriously consider.

Eddy Campbell

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