Bluetti AC200MAX review: what is this portable power generator worth?

Are you looking for an energy generator capable of powering the most demanding appliances? Bluetti, one of the market leaders, offers the AC200MAX, an even more powerful model than the AC200.

Highly appreciated for its solid autonomy, its compactness, its wide connectivity and its finish, the Bluetti AC200MAX is also described as the faithful ally of roadtrippers. 

We tested this solar power generator and here is our verdict.

Presentation of the Bluetti AC200MAX generator

The Bluetti AC200MAX generator has been specifically designed to power the most energy-intensive appliances : refrigerator, air conditioner, drills, high-powered DIY tools, etc. Its somewhat imposing measurements for a portable generator are therefore not very surprising: 42×28×38.65 cm for 28 kg on the scale. 

Presentation of the Bluetti AC200MAX generator

The device remains however very compact and quite easy to carry. The two handles on its sides allow a secure and effortless movement. To avoid the risk of overheating, two fans are also installed on both sides of the battery. 

In terms of design, the finish of the generator is impeccable. On both sides of the LCD touch screen, all the output ports are located at the front of Bluetti AC200MAX. 

Specifications of the Bluetti AC200MAX generator

Now let's take a look at the specific features of the Bluetti AC200MAX generator.


The battery of the Bluetti AC200MAX has a large basic capacity of 2048 Wh for a power of 2200 W. This is enough to provide a backup power source in case of power failure. It can be used to power a fridge, air conditioning and even a lighting system.

That's not all: this generator also has two extension ports. These allow it to be coupled to two models of battery modules in pairs: the B300 pair of 3072 Wh per unit and the B230 of 2048 Wh per unit.

In other words, the capacity of the generator can increase to 6144 or 8192 Wh depending on the modules coupled to the device. With such an autonomy, a single full charge is enough for several days of use. 

Specifications of the Bluetti AC200MAX generator

Small drawback: the fans become noisy when the device is running at high power.

Bluetti AC200MAX battery and charging

The Bluetti AC200MAX solar generator uses LiFePO4battery cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate or LFP). This technology is known for its many advantages: 

  • Long life ;
  • No maintenance required;
  • Maximum safety;
  • Excellent charging and discharging efficiency;
  • Lightness, etc.
Bluetti AC200MAX battery and charging

It gives the battery 3500 cycles of charge against the 500-800 that offer the majority of generators on the market. You can therefore enjoy this solar generator for about 9 years in normal conditions. 

As for the charge, 3 hours are enough for the complete charge using solar panels. Better yet, you can speed up the charge (less than 2 hours) by charging simultaneously via solar panels and wall socket. If needed, save energy with the eco mode.

The cherry on the cake, the self-discharge of the battery is less than 3% per month. It is therefore possible to store it over a long period (a few months to 1 year). If needed, it will be sufficiently charged to satisfy you (at least 60% of its capacity).


The Bluetti AC200MAX connectivity allows you to power up to 15 devices simultaneously thanks to :

  • 4 DC (direct current) outputs of 12V/10A (5521) × 2, 12V/10A and 12V/30A types for motor homes, boats, converted vans and caravans;
  • 4 AC (alternating current) outputs of 230V for your domestic appliances (DIY, gardening) and even your electric car;
  • 5 USB-A 5V/3A (2), USB-A 18W (2) and USB-C 100W (1) outputs for multimedia devices among others;
  • 2 x 15W wireless charging stations for your smartphones.

Just like the input sockets with the plastic caps, the outputs are protected by rubber sleeves. The connections are therefore protected from water and dust.

Touch screen

The touchscreen provides access to volts and watts of charge and discharge data . Access to settings and logs is fairly straightforward, although some options remain in German. An menu menu is installed so that error messages can be read and understood. This makes it easier to solve potential failures you might face.

The Bluetti brand has added color to its touch screen, a detail that is quite rare in the portable generator market. This feature is not only aesthetic; it also adds sharpness to the display.

In addition, it is possible to set the backlighting and the sound signals. And finally, the screen works even with gloves or wet fingers. 

Mobile application

Remote control is a must for easy use of the device. The free app designed for this purpose is available for both Apple and Android. Connect the generator to your smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth and control it remotely.

Navigate through solar energy data, power consumption and battery status. Under normal conditions, the connection range is 10m. So you can't get too far away from your generator to control it remotely.

On the other hand, the mobile application is less rich in features than the LCD screen. It is therefore necessary to use the latter to access the missing options, even if the essential functions remain available via the application.

Strengths and weaknesses of the device

At the end of our comprehensive test, here's what to remember about the Bluetti AC200MAX generator's features.

The pluses

  • Its fast charge (2-3 hours);
  • The flexible autonomy of its long-life battery;
  • Its versatility (15 outputs including USB, DC, AC and wireless);
  • Its compact design and excellent finish;
  • Its highly sensitive touch screen (works even with a wet finger or gloves)

The Minuses

  • Its noisy fans at high power;
  • Its slightly incomplete mobile application.

Our final opinion on the Bluetti AC200MAX generator

The design of the Bluetti AC200MAX generator is matched only by its very good performance. With only 2-3 hours for a full charge, the device provides a large capacity that can be tripled or even quadrupled with its extensions. 

It can power almost any type of device and its wide connectivity allows you to connect 15 at a time. More than an external battery, the Bluetti AC200MAX is a mini power station capable of supplying your home in case of power failure. We recommend it to you!

Eddy Campbell

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