Portable solar generator for RV : what advantages and which one to choose?

When you go on an adventure in a RV, being able to count on a reliable and easy to feed energy source is part of the first checklist to validate. For this, getting a portable solar generator for motorhome is undoubtedly one of the best solutions today. Practical and efficient, these new devices have indeed many assets that make them the perfect companions of any good camper.

If you still have doubts, we suggest you rediscover here the advantages of these electric stations, as well as our advice for choosing yours.

5 advantages of a solar generator for RV

You like your small thermal generator and you still hesitate to part with it? It is probably because you have not yet tasted the joys of portable solar generators. Here is a small overview of the advantages of these devices.

Lightweight and space-saving

On average, a small 1000 to 2000 W generator can weigh up to 25 kg. In comparison, a portable solar generator of equivalent power is half as heavy. Lighter and therefore easier to transport, the latter is also less bulky. It therefore takes up much less space on board when it comes time to store it and get back on the road.

When you know how important optimal space management is for a motor home owner, this is a serious advantage.

Our tips for choosing the right portable solar generator for motorhome

Quiet and clean

There is probably nothing more disturbing than the noise of a petrol generator engine backfiring in the middle of the night... With a solar generator you will not have to endure, nor impose this noise nuisance, as well as the smoke that escapes from fuel generators.

The portable solar generators for RV are indeed almost silent. The only noise slightly perceptible on certain models is that of the embarked fans; and it is almost inaudible even at a few meters.

Moreover, contrary to thermal generators which tend to leave dirt, this type of portable electric station does not leave any trace of its use.


It is undoubtedly the first asset when we refer to the "solar" present in the name of this type of equipment. And it is quite the case. Indeed, these generators work thanks to an integrated battery which can be recharged thanks to a portable solar kit. The stored energy can then be used to power your various devices.

It is thus a solution, without CO2 emission and without use of fossil energy. If you are at least a little concerned about ecological issues, there is no hesitation.

An economical choice

In addition to being good for nature and for your health, a portable solar generator for motorhomes is also a good choice for your finances. Apart from the initial investment, this type of generator does not require any additional expenses for its regular use. You don't have to budget for fuel supply, maintenance or possible breakdowns, as is the case with a conventional thermal generator.

A true all-in-one system

Easy to use, a solar generator allows you to charge your different devices simultaneously thanks to its multiple current outputs. The best equipped models offer classic power outlets, but also USB plugs (type B and even type C for some) or even wireless charging blocks.

So you don't have to worry about powering your smartphones, tablets, PC, while using your appliances (TV, kettle, portable cooler, etc.) at the same time. Everything can be done directly from the same source, provided you choose the right device.

In addition, most portable solar generators also have an emergency light or LED lamp which is very useful for campers.

Our tips for choosing the right portable solar generator for motorhome

The range of solar generators available on the market today includes many models with a wide variety of features. To make the right choice, the best thing to do is to take into account, first of all, your real needs in electrical energy.

To do this, you can read the characteristics written on the packaging or the instructions of each of them. It is enough for example to make the sum of the registered powers (in Watts) to direct your choice of solar generator towards a model with a sufficient power.

Also think about the practical aspect by choosing a model with a sufficient number of outputs whose characteristics correspond to those of your appliances.

Finally, pay special attention to the battery of the solar generator. Naturally, the higher the autonomy (in Wh) promised, the better. Of course, a battery with a large autonomy will logically cost more.

Pour ce qui est de la marque, les générateurs solaires portables pour camping-car de Bluetti, Ecoflow or Jackery are clearly among the most reliable models currently on the market.

Eddy Campbell

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