Ecoflow Delta Pro review: the first ever portable home battery backup

The flagship model of the Ecoflow Delta family, the Ecoflow Delta Pro is the first portable power station of its kind. Designed to provide backup power, it promises top-of-the-line performance for this purpose as well as for RVers, road-trippers or any other type of outdoor activity.

Find out in our full review why the Ecoflow Delta Pro is getting so much attention.

Presentation of the Ecoflow Delta Pro portable solar generator

Presentation of the Ecoflow Delta Pro portable solar generator

In terms of design, the Ecoflow Delta Pro remains in the same spirit as the other energy stations of the Ecoflow Delta family: sobriety and practicality. However, this model is distinguished by a major addition to its structure: wheels, two side handles and a telescopic handle that allows the unit to be moved like a suitcase. 

This is more than useful when you consider that this "portable" generator weighs 46 kg and measures 63.5 × 28.5 × 41.6 cm (L x W x H).

The control panel houses a large LCD screen, the output ports, as well as two 2 buttons (Power/Power plant and Activate/Deactivate AC output ports).

The rear control panelcontains the input ports and two buttons: an overload protection switch and an AC charging speed switch. The ventilation grilles are located on the sides of the case.

Features of the Ecoflow Delta Pro

At the end of our test, here are the main features of the Delta Pro.


With Ecoflow's X Boost technology, the Delta Pro can deliver up to 4500 W of power with a 230 V output. So you can rest easy when it comes to powering your energy-hungry home appliances. Better yet, you can get a much more powerful system by connecting the unit to other models in the Delta category.

Output ports

On the connectivity side, Ecoflow Delta Pro offers 14 outputs:

  • 5 AC (direct current) 230V outlets;
  • 2 DC (alternating current) 5521 (12.6V/3A) outputs up to 38W;
  • 2 USB-A ports of 12W max each;
  • 2 USB A ports Fast Charge 5V 2.4 of 18W max each ;
  • 2 USB-C ports (20V/5A), 100W per port;
  • 1 cigarette lighter socket of 126W max.

So you have everything you need to power or charge all types of devices: lighting, household appliances, DIY, multimedia, latest generation smartphones, etc.


The LiFePO4 battery has a capacity of 3600 Wh that you can extend up to 25 000 Wh. To do this, simply connect the device to two additional Delta Pro batteries, the EcoFlow Smart Generator and the Smart Home Panel..

This allows you to connect the Delta Pro directly to your home's wiring. In the event of a power outage, it automatically switches the generator to battery backup mode. Your home then benefits from up to 7200 W of power with 25,000 Wh of energy.

Features of the Ecoflow Delta Pro

The Delta Pro battery has 6500 cycles of charge, which means that it will only lose 20% of its rated capacity after 10 years of use. This means that even after 10 years of use, the battery will still have enough power to supply your motor home or house.

Finally, the Battery Management System (BMS) continuously monitors and controls the battery's operation. It protects the battery against overloads, short circuits, high/low temperatures and high/low voltages.


The Ecoflow Delta Pro generator can be recharged in 5 ways:

  • Cigarette lighter (10 h or more) ;
  • Solar panels (about 3 h) ;
  • Domestic wall outlets (2 hrs);
  • Electric vehicle charging station (less than 2 hours);
  • Ecoflow Smart Generator (about 3-4 hours).

The latter runs on SP95 gasoline and is very useful in case of long term power cuts. It delivers a continuous current, but also has an alternating current output. This can therefore allow you to power compatible devices while waiting for the generator battery to be recharged.

The generator has an automatic start/stop function based on the battery level. Simply set the battery level in the device settings.

LCD touch screen 

Colorful and aesthetically pleasing like the other screens in the Delta line, the Delta Pro's LCD screen provides data such as: power output, power input, remaining charge, charge level, etc. This information is displayed in real time so you can monitor and control the operation of your device.

Mobile application

The Ecoflow application allows you to control the generator remotely through :

  • Monitoring energy consumption and inputs;
  • Management of the maximum charge and discharge level;
  • Monitoring and control of the charging speed.
  • Monitoring and control of the modules connected to the generator (Ecoflow Smart Generator, Smart Home Panel).

Of course, it also allows you to turn on/off the electrical station. 

The mobile app connects to the device via Bluetooth or Wifi. For longer distances, we strongly recommend connecting via Wifi. 

Remote control

Ecoflow Delta Pro is the first electric station that can be controlled by a remote control: the Ecoflow Delta Pro remote control. To connect it to the device, use Bluetooth or Ethernet (wired connection). You don't need WiFi like with the mobile app.

The remote control gives you a replica of the LCD screen and all the commands that the generator offers. You can turn on/off the generator, activate/deactivate the output sockets.

The strengths and weaknesses of the Ecoflow Delta Pro

The pluses

  • Its scalable power ;
  • Its wide and varied connectivity;
  • Its multiple recharge modes;
  • Its powerful and advanced battery ;
  • Its telescopic handle and wheels;
  • Its various remote control modes (mobile app, remote control).

The minuses

  • Its weight ;
  • Its size.

Our final opinion on Ecoflow Delta Pro

Although it is relatively heavy and cumbersome, the Ecoflow Delta Pro is well worth the money. Its dimensions are indeed largely compensated by the power it delivers and the energy autonomy it offers. Moreover, the possibility of remote control with a remote control allows to limit the movements of the device. If you have the necessary budget, this is clearly one of the best investments you could make for your energy autonomy.

Eddy Campbell

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