EcoFlow Smart Generator: does it worth the money?

Unlike the brand's other generators, the EcoFlow Smart Generator runs on gasoline rather than solar power. Known for its connectivity, practicality and energy-saving mechanisms, it is designed for charging Ecoflow Delta electrical stations. But it can also be used as a backup power source at home. 

To test this generator's performance, we put it through its paces, and here's our verdict.

Introducing the EcoFlow Smart Generator

The EcoFlow Smart Generator is an intelligent generator designed to optimize the ecosystem of the manufacturer's Delta 2, Delta Pro and Delta Max powerstations. It weighs 30.5 kg and measures 59.7 x 30 x 47.5 cm.

In terms of design, this generator is more compact than current models. Its rectangular white and silver housing features 2 side handles that protrude slightly from the frame. This makes it impractical to carry, given the weight of the unit. 

On the front, Ecoflow's Smart Generator features ventilation grilles, clasp-protected outlets and a control panel with buttons and LCD screen. The starter and starter motor are located on one side of the housing.

The generator's single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine (80 CC displacement) runs on unleaded gasoline. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 4 L

Ecoflow Smart Generator features

Connections, start-up, operating modes... Let's take a look at what the EcoFlow Smart Generator has to offer.

Ecoflow Smart Generator features

Wide range of connectors

Connectivity is one of the main ways in which the Smart Generator stands out from other generators.

DC output

Conventional generators generate 230 V alternating current and then convert it to direct current according to the voltage of the appliance to be powered. The energy used for this conversion adds to the total expenditure, reducing the autonomy of the appliance.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator, on the other hand, has a DC output voltage of 42-58.8 V, with a maximum current of 32 A. This enables it to supply Delta electrical stations directly with direct current. With this operating principle, the unit consumes 40% less fuel than conventional generators. 

This means considerable savings.

AC output

The EcoFlow Smart Generator is not exclusively reserved for recharging Delta EcoFLow portable generators. It can also be used as a backup power source at home in the event of a power cut.

To do this, simply use the AC output (230 V alternating current), which can produce up to 1900 W of power. This is enough to power energy-hungry household appliances such as heating systems and water heaters.

Start-up methods

EcoFlow offers several start/stop modes for its Smart Generator:

  • Quick start with a starter (thanks to the small battery built into the Smart Generator);
  • Manual start with a chainsaw-like starter;
  • Start-up from the EcoFlow mobile application.

This is the same software that enables remote control tool of the Ecoflow powerstations and Smart Home Panel. Thanks to this mobile app, you can turn your generator on/off from anywhere, thanks to a Bluetooth or Wifi connection.

The automatic start is the most convenient mode. All you have to do is set a low-battery threshold at which the generator should start up. As soon as this threshold is exceeded, the Smart Generator automatically activates and starts recharging your power plant.

Similarly, once the charge is complete, the generator automatically switches off. So it doesn't run in a vacuum, and there's no risk of damaging your power station's battery.


When your energy requirements are low, the ideal solution is to activate the Smart Generator's ECO mode to limit its consumption. As well as being economical, this feature makes the device quieter than when it's in PERFORMANCE mode (intended for powering power-hungry appliances).

LCD Screen

The LCD Screen of the EcoFlow Smart Generator's provides data on the operation of your generator in real time:

  • Fuel level ;
  • Remaining autonomy;
  • Generated power.

The unit also incorporates a carbon monoxide detector. This triggers an alert and shuts down the system when the tolerance threshold is exceeded. The intuitive interface also sends alerts concerning possible anomalies when they occur. These include overload, short-circuit and overheating.

That said, given the size of the device, it would have been interesting to have a larger, more fully equipped screen. For example, having parameters for setting the time would be very useful.

Ecoflow application

The Ecoflow mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. It's not just for turning the Smart Generator on and off. It offers much the same functionality as the control interface on the device casing.

With this application, you can access data such as fuel level, remaining autonomy, power output, etc.

Connectivity with Smart Home Panel and Power Kit

While you're powering your Ecoflow Delta Pro portable generator with the Smart Generator, you can also connect the Smart Home Panel to the ecosystem. This is a smart solar panel that connects directly the Delta Pro directly to your home's wiring.

Connectivity with Smart Home Panel and Power Kit

If your home is not connected to the grid, opt for the Power Kit. With the Power Kit, the smart generator connects directly to the Power Hub via the adapter.

The cherry on the cake is that, when connected, all the components of the ecosystem complement each other. During the day, the solar panels connected to your power station provide power for your appliances. If there's not enough energy produced at night, the Smart Generator automatically takes over.

Strengths and weaknesses of the device

The pluses

  • AC and DC outputs;
  • Eco and performance modes;
  • Intuitive control interface;
  • Multiple start-up options;
  • Remote control via mobile app;
  • Connectivity with Smart Home Panel and Power Kit.

The minuses

  • No telescopic handle;
  • LCD screen a little limited.

Our final opinion on the EcoFlow Smart Generator

With the EcoFlow Smart Generator's two outputs, you can recharge your electric station while powering your home. And for an even smarter ecosystem, simply add the Smart Home Panel or Power Kit to the package. As a backup solution, the EcoFlow Smart Generator is as practical as it is efficient. Highly recommended!

Eddy Campbell

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