EcoFlow Power Kits presentation and reviews

In addition to its portable generators, Ecoflow offers a new range of products designed to provide electricity in all circumstances. These include Power Kits for motorhomes, road-trips and households looking for a powerful secondary energy source. 

These kits feature power, plug-and-play, cutting-edge technology and high-performance solar panels. Find out more about these kits, and what we think of their performance and usefulness.

Overview of Ecoflow Power Kits

In each kit, Ecoflow offers several types of combined devices to power the most energy-hungry appliances in your motorhome or home. These include :

  • Power Hub ;
  • Batteries ;
  • Console;
  • Intelligent distribution panel.

The latter can be installed on a wall bracket or in a niche, depending on your preferences and the space available. When installed in a niche, it adds a futuristic touch to your interior design.

In addition to these elements, a pack of 5 cables is included to easily connect the various components together: AC charge, AC load, solar charge, main cables for AC and DC. Although they reach 20 feet in length, these cables take up very little space. They connect directly to the Power Hub, with no need for additional accessories. 

Features of the Ecoflow Power Kit

Here's a quick overview of the main features of the various components that make up these kits.

The Power Hub

Features of the Ecoflow Power Kit

The plug-and-play housing of Ecoflow Energy Kits is space-saving and easy to use, since it consists of just a few wires and modules.

The Power Hub is the heart of the Energy Kit. It can deliver both 48 V AC and 220/230 V DC.

Contrairement aux systèmes traditionnels 12/24 V, le système 48 V du kit offre une meilleure efficacité énergétique, une sécurité accrue et facilite l’alimentation des appareils à usage intensif. 

The box is equipped with 3 sockets for battery connection. So you can set up an installation with 1 to 3 batteries, depending on your energy needs. The Power Hub for Ecoflow solar kits features :

  • EPS mode, activated in the event of a power cut;
  • A bypass mode to supply AC appliances directly from the grid;
  • X-Stream technology for fast recharging with 3000 W AC inputs;
  • 3 independent MPPTs enabling the use of different brands of solar panels;
  • X-Boost technology to boost the Power Hub's AC output power up to 5000 W;
  • Intelligent MPPT tracking algorithm to optimize solar yield.

The Power Hub also supports connections to your devices (smartphones) via Bluetooth and Wifi. So you can monitor your system's performance in real time via a mobile app. via Bluetooth and Wifi. So you can monitor your system's performance in real time via a mobile app.


The LiFePo4 batteries in Ecolflow kits generally have 2 or 5 kWh charging capacity. These batteries can be stacked and expanded to provide capacities ranging from 4 to 15 kWh.

Built-in BMS technology prevents overloads , and monitors temperature and current voltage. Just as a cooling system is included, a heater mechanism is also integrated. 

The batteries can therefore be used at low temperatures (down to -20°C). This is excellent news for those wishing to install their device outdoors (in a suitable shelter).

Solar panels

Ecoflow offers 3 solar panel options:

  • Rigid 100 W ;
  • Flexible 100 W ;
  • Portable 400 W.

The photovoltaic cells of Ecoflow panels are designed with state-of-the-art technology for optimum solar production: 23% efficiency.

With their IP68 coating, the panels are protected against the elements, dust and extreme weather conditions. They are supplied with a 1-meter solar cable. Note that the panels are not included in the basic kit; rather interesting if you prefer to turn to other specific brands for solar panels.

The intelligent AC/DC distribution panel and Ecoflow application

The distribution panel features 6 positions AC (alternating current) and 12 positions DC (courant continu). Chacune des positions AC peut délivrer un courant de 3600 W tandis que les DC délivrent jusqu’à 1000 W.

Simply connect each of your appliances to one of these positions to power them. What's more, you can monitor the operation of your positions remotely using the Ecoflow mobile application. This allows you to view, monitor and control your energy consumption. 

The Power Kit Console

The Ecoflow application is not the only means of remote control. The Power Kit also includes a touch-screen console. 

The console features an ergonomic design interface. It provides essential information on the operation of your system, such as :

  • Charge time ;
  • Battery level;
  • AC or DC positions activated;
  • Operating temperature of each position.

With this console :

  • Monitor your energy consumption;
  • Consult your energy inputs and outputs;
  • Set the operating parameters of your energy kit.

In short, you have total control over the entire system.

Charging methods

Ecoflow energy kit batteries can be recharged in 4 different ways:

  • Via Smart Generator Ecoflow (1800 W input) ;
  • Via a charging station (3000 W input) ;
  • Via your vehicle's alternator/cigarette-lighter socket (1000W input);
  • And, of course, via solar panels (4800 W).

For this last option, the 4800 W are distributed over the Power Hub's 3 ports for solar charging.

Note that the above-mentioned input powers may vary according to the environment in which you find yourself. In the case of solar charging, for example, climate plays a decisive role in the device's performance.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Ecoflow energy kit

The pluses

  • Plug-and-play Power Hub;
  • Different charging methods;
  • Remote control console ;
  • Intelligent distribution panel;
  • Expandable, stackable batteries;
  • High-efficiency solar panels.

The minuses

  • Its size.

Our final opinion on the Ecoflow Power Kit

The Ecoflow Power Kit meets all the requirements for efficiently powering your motorhome or home: power, autonomy, high efficiency and a variety of charging modes.

The only drawback is the space taken up by the installation. But that's to be expected, given the performance delivered.

Our final opinion on the Ecoflow Power Kit
Eddy Campbell

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